Practice Tips #59: How to Install a Handpiece Illumination System- Video

Anyone can add a handpiece illumination system to a dental unit in minutes. Watch this video on just how simple it can be!

Can’t see the video? You can also view this video on Youtube.


  • jee
    Thank You for very helpful video.
    Do you have a dental handpiece block installation video?
    Hope it will be tech tip #60.
    • TechGuru
      Thanks for the suggestion!

      We don't have a block installation planned. Most handpiece blocks are really resilient and the need to replace is very rare. It's very common for people to THINK they need to replace the block, but usually other valves have failed. We talk people out of buying handpiece blocks all the time.

      Installation of a block is also very simple. It's just a matter of attaching a lot of hoses. You need to be sure to mark the lines so you know what goes where, but technique-wise there's really nothing to it. Once you know how to put a hose on a barb (as shown in this month's video) you've got what you need to know to replace a block.

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