Saliva Ejector with Screw-On Tip

Product Number: 03-78

Price: $47.55
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Price: $47.55
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Metal lever style saliva ejector with variable on/off vacuum control and 360° swivel base connector. Valve has a threaded screw-on tip which outlasts standard snap-on tips. Autoclavable aluminum valve is easily disassembled for cleaning, but should not be cleaned by sonic methods.

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Replacement parts:
  On/off lever with valve cylinder #03-935
  Valve cylinder o-ring #03-19-SE
  Aluminum base connector #03-24A
  White delrin base connector #03-24
  Anti-back flow base connector #05-63
  Base connector and tip o-ring #03-43   
  Rubber saliva ejector tip #03-34   
  Silicone saliva ejector tip #03-341
  Plastic debris basket #18-99