Mobile Halogen Light

Mobile Halogen Light


Mobile light is great for surgery, endodontics, and bonding or can be used to supplement existing lighting or as emergency backup light. Compact design and 540° rotation allows you to bring the light exactly were you need it. Crisp high intensity light with no heat. 3000° Kelvin and 1500 Footcandles @ 24".

Light is 65-1/2" H with 13" Diameter base with 24" flexible no drift gooseneck.

Beige finish with heavy duty base with 5 locking casters. 1 year warranty.

Ship time is 2-3 weeks | 15% restocking fee.

Replacement bulb #20-009

Product Number: 63-13

Availability: In stock

Price: $299.95

Availability: In stock

Price: $299.95
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