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  • Quick Tip Tuesday #27: Syringes

    Today's quick tip is a simple one, but a question that is asked quite often.


    There are a variety of a/w syringes out there (we have a lot of options to choose from). Let us know if you need help choosing the right one for you or if you need any replacement parts or spare syringe tips for your existing air/water syringes.

    If you need troubleshooting tips on your syringe, check out Practice Tip #43.

  • Quick Tip Tuesday #17: AW Syringes

    Today's quick tip is for those concerned about their air water syringe tip that spins too much. Dentists use their syringes for many uses and sometimes they start to act up in ways you don't expect. Our customer asked:

    Quick-Tip-Tuesday_#17_Q&A Quick links for products mentioned above: #01-01Q & #01-97

    Hopefully today's tip helped solve this issue for some of you using your syringe for cheek retraction. If you like these Q & A's, let us know! We would love your feedback, as well as any suggestions for next week's topic. Check out our Facebook page for previous posts.

  • Quick Tip Tuesday #10: A/W Syringes

    We take for granted our air and water syringes until they aren't working correctly. Today's Quick Tip discusses a customer's issue with a syringe that has no water flow.

    Quick-Tip-Tuesday_#10Practice Tips #18 and #43 will help you even further understand your syringe and how to fix clogging. We also have a handy video on how to rebuild your air/water syringe.  What kind of problems do you have with your a/w syringe? Discuss it further on our Facebook page or tweet with us.