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  • Quick Tip Tuesday #79: A/W Syringes

    When it comes to purchasing dental supplies, I'm sure you have looked at two or three products and wondered: What product(s) are right for my practice? There are so many products to choose from and a lot of times it comes down to price. However, are those products the best for the environment, how long do they last, do they clean easily, what kind of assistance comes with my purchase, and will I be spending my money wisely. Those are all thoughtful questions to think about and your answers will vary. This dentist asked us about the right option for going green when it comes to choosing their air and water syringe tips:

    Knowing a little about the differences between metal and plastic AW syringe tips will help you decide what is best for you. If you go the route of disposable plastic tips, BeeSure has a ton of great products and is also conscious of the environmental impact.

  • Quick Tip Tuesday #59: Air & Water Syringes

    Water quality can have adverse effects on your dental equipment, including your air & water syringe. Leaking or clogged syringes is a common issue among dental practices. This dentist asked us this:

    Quick-Tip-Tuesday_#59_Q&A Quick reference: PT #50 & PT #51

    If you take a look at the above mentioned Practice Tips, you will see multiple ways to fix a leaking syringe. See more DIY quick tips every Tuesday here on the blog or on our Facebook page.

  • Quick Tip Tuesday #53: Air/Water Syringes

    Leaking syringes are not uncommon in the dental office. Lucky for you, it is a quick fix that any dentist or hygienist can do. Our customers ask us this all of the time:

    Did you find out what your leaky culprit was? We have even more syringe questions like this for you to help you.