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  • Quick Tip Tuesday #69: Sterilizers

    If you are noticing your dental products coming out of your sterilizer in bad shape, something is definitely wrong with your sterilizer or you are putting in products that aren't autoclavable. For this dentist, his autoclavable mouth props were melted after the autoclave:


    We have quite a few sterilizer repair parts if you need them. If you are needing help with diagnosing a Statim problem, we have a few practice tips on how to decode them (#27 & #28). Let us know if our quick tip solution doesn't help fix your problem. One of our technicians would be happy to help you out.

  • Quick Tip Tuesday #65: Sterilizers

    Is your sterilizer having issues? With so many makes and models out there, there could be a few reasons it is acting up. Before you purchase parts and try to repair your sterilizer, check your manual to look up the error message or code.


    See our Practice Tip #20 and Practice Tip #21 for Statim related issues. For other brands, gives us a call and we will be glad to help you troubleshoot even further.

  • Quick Tip Tuesday #58: Sterilizers

    The dental sterilizer is used every day and parts will need replacement (hopefully your office has a proper maintenance routine already). This dentist asked us:


    See more do-it-yourself quick tips every Tuesday! Let us know if you need help installing your new repair parts or have questions about your dental sterilizer.