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  • Quick Tip Tuesday #73: Air & Water Syringes

    Welcome back to the tip of the week! This is a question that gets asked quite often, especially when protecting the environment is a key concern right now. Sometimes changing one thing at a time is a good way to start going green in your dental office. We have this advice to give this dentist:

    Air and water syringe tips areĀ one of those items that could be a quick fix and start you down the path of going greener. Metal syringe tips are more expensive, but they will last longer and can be easily cleaned compared to the disposable plastic ones. If you do go the route of dental disposables, make sure items are biodegradable and better on the environment. Companies like BeeSure are developing products with these priorities in mind and are giving back to organizations that are benefiting our surroundings. Besides buying environmentally friendly products, using less water and energy are other ways to go green at your dental practice.

  • Quick Tip Tuesday #53: Air/Water Syringes

    Leaking syringes are not uncommon in the dental office. Lucky for you, it is a quick fix that any dentist or hygienist can do. Our customers ask us this all of the time:

    Did you find out what your leaky culprit was? We have even more syringe questions like this for you to help you.

  • Quick Tip Tuesday #42: Air Water Syringes

    Dental installations don't have to be complicated. In fact, your a/w syringe is a quick & very easy install.


    See Practice Tip #6 and our instructions pages for more explanation on your air/water syringe and other products you might have purchased.