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  • Quick Tip Tuesday #52: X-ray

    Dental technology is gaining ground every day. Trying to figure out your new dental products will take some trial and error. When it comes to x-ray, you will need to make adjustments, both with the technology and your patients. This doctor asked:


    Hopefully these are a few good pointers to make your x-ray images better than they were before! What are some of your other x-ray questions for us?

  • Quick Tip Tuesday #51: Operatory Chair

    The operatory chair is used every day, so when it stops working properly it is frustrating. With most things in your dental office, parts start to break time over time- especially plastic components. Disinfectants and other cleaning solutions can break down the plastic, creating malfunctions (like it did for this customer):

    We have quite a few replacement switches for your dental chair (if you don't see one like yours, give us a call and we will find one for you). What are some of your technical questions concerning your patient chairs?

  • Quick Tip Tuesday #50: Loupes

    Your eyesight is essential to doing quality dental work. Protecting them is easy with safety glasses, but sometimes you need a little something extra to see inside your patient's mouth. This customer asked us about purchasing dental loupes:


    Do you need help even further, contact us! What are some of your other questions when it comes to picking the right eyewear?