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  • Eat Your Broccoli!

    What are the benefits of eating your broccoli? Those mini green trees are packed full of nutritional value, but scientists have found it extends beyond that. The extract found in broccoli sprouts and cabbage (Sulforaphane) has been found to help protect mice against oral cancer. They are digging further into the prevention of head and neck cancer (HNC) in humans.

    The University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI) and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) discovered the connection when they gave Sulforaphane to mice predisposed to oral cancer. It reduced the frequency and amount of tumors among the mice.

    This discovery will help spur on more research into the prevention of HNC in humans who are frequently exposed to the leading causes of this form of Cancer: environmental pollutants and carcinogens. The are now starting a clinical trial with 40 volunteers that are at a higher risk of HNC using capsules that contain broccoli seed powder and seeing if they can tolerate them and whether or not it will have a significant impact in preventing this form of cancer from happening.

  • Quick Tip Tuesday #3

    Quick Tip Tuesday is back again. There has been a lot of talk about amalgam, so we thought it would be a good Q & A to get the discussion going. Controlling hazardous waste, such as amalgam is a requirement in most states already, but the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced an impending regulation that will be going nationwide. Amalgam separators will be a necessary component to your dental office.

    They aren't difficult to install, but if you need some assistance we have some helpful guides for you. Practice Tip #24 will help you decide the right separator for your needs and we also have a helpful video if you choose an Asdex separator.


    For more Q & A on amalgam separators, take a look here.

  • Bupivacaine HCI Injection Recall

    Be aware of any injections of Bupivacaine HCI from Hospira. The lot in particular is Lot #38-515-DK. It was distributed from July 2014 to September 2014. The expiration of the affected products is February 2016.

    A customer noticed orange and black, visible particles within a single-dose, glass vial. The risks related to this issue include: localized inflammation of injection, a low-level allergic or immune response, or granuloma formation or mechanical irritation of the tissue, especially in patients with an allergy or sensitivity to iron oxide. These reactions can be in both humans and animals.

    If you have any existing inventory of this recalled lot, stop use and distribution. Notify all users and sources of the products. For more information on this press release, go to the FDA website or Hospira's website.