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  • Quick Tip Thursday #74: Autoclaves

    Happy Groundhog day everybody! Unfortunately the groundhog saw its shadow and there will be another 6 weeks of winter. That's bad news for those of us in the Northern states (we are in Minnesota). Despite the bad news, we have some helpful advice for you when it comes to your trusty dental office autoclave. This dentist asked us this:

    Lucky for you, we just recently posted a whole Practice Tip on door gasketswhen to change them and how to correctly install one. Replacing a door gasket is an easy quick fix and can be done without calling a technician. If you are still experiencing a loss of pressure in your sterilizer, give us a call. We would love to help you. See you next week for another Quick Tip!

  • Quick Tip Tuesday #73: Air & Water Syringes

    Welcome back to the tip of the week! This is a question that gets asked quite often, especially when protecting the environment is a key concern right now. Sometimes changing one thing at a time is a good way to start going green in your dental office. We have this advice to give this dentist:

    Air and water syringe tips are one of those items that could be a quick fix and start you down the path of going greener. Metal syringe tips are more expensive, but they will last longer and can be easily cleaned compared to the disposable plastic ones. If you do go the route of dental disposables, make sure items are biodegradable and better on the environment. Companies like BeeSure are developing products with these priorities in mind and are giving back to organizations that are benefiting our surroundings. Besides buying environmentally friendly products, using less water and energy are other ways to go green at your dental practice.

  • Quick Tip Tuesday #72: X-ray Barriers

    It never hurts to be too prepared when it comes to protecting your expensive dental devices. However, sometimes your precautions interfere with the quality. So how do you prevent that? Today's quick tip is this:

    Barriers are a great idea when it comes to protecting your dental supplies from going bad or ruining them due to sterilization methods. Harsh chemicals can react badly to certain plastics and barriers can be cumbersome and a nuisance if not used properly. We have a lot of barriers to choose from. Let us know if we can help you find your right fit.