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  • Quick Tip Tuesday #89: X-ray Aprons

    Safety in the office is important, no matter what job you have. In dentistry, having proper x-ray aprons for everyone is one way to keeping people safe for damaging rays. This dentist asked about one of her dental assistant's:

    X-ray aprons come in a variety of color choices (they can be special ordered in any color you want) and a variety of styles, depending on the need.

  • Quick Tip Tuesday #88: Dental Chairs

    Squeak, squeak, squeak! You notice a funny noise every time a patient comes into your dental operatory space. That noise could be coming from a variety of things. Here is what we have to say to this dentist, when it comes to diagnosing and correcting the issue of his patient's chair:

    For this problem, the fix is quick and easy! Sometimes your dental repairs aren't as complicated as a dental restoration and it might just need a little maintenance or lubrication (see chair repair parts here).

    If you are thinking about installing a new patient chair, take a look at our Practice Tip #38. Our technicians are here to help, so let us know if you have any other equipment questions.

  • Quick Tip Tuesday #87: Sterilizer Maintenance

    A healthy routine is important to your dental practice. Making sure your equipment is running properly and functioning the way it is supposed to is essential. This dentist had a question about how to maintain her sterilizer:

    If you are needing repair parts for you sterilizer or other dental equipment, check out some of the items we have to offer in our repair section.