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  • Quick Tip Tuesday #60: Dental Handpieces

    How do you choose the type of handpiece your office needs? Distinguishing between the types of dental handpieces and attachments can seem daunting, but we are here to help. This dentist asked us:

    Hopefully the Practice Tips mentioned above explain more about motors and attachments for your handpiece. We offer a variety of options and would love to help you figure out the best fit for you. Give us a call if you have any questions!

  • Quick Tip Tuesday #59: Air & Water Syringes

    Water quality can have adverse effects on your dental equipment, including your air & water syringe. Leaking or clogged syringes is a common issue among dental practices. This dentist asked us this:

    Quick-Tip-Tuesday_#59_Q&A Quick reference: PT #50 & PT #51

    If you take a look at the above mentioned Practice Tips, you will see multiple ways to fix a leaking syringe. See more DIY quick tips every Tuesday here on the blog or on our Facebook page.

  • Quick Tip Tuesday #58: Sterilizers

    The dental sterilizer is used every day and parts will need replacement (hopefully your office has a proper maintenance routine already). This dentist asked us:


    See more do-it-yourself quick tips every Tuesday! Let us know if you need help installing your new repair parts or have questions about your dental sterilizer.