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Tech-Tips #70: Get Your Bearings

The turbine is the heart of the high-speed handpiece and bearings are the heart of the turbine. Bearings are the most common failure point of a turbine and are often the primary differentiator between one turbine and another. Way back in Tech Tips #22, “High-speed Handpiece Design,” we covered all of the components that make up a [...]
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Tech-Tips #69: Delivery System Installation

Before we get started, we want to reiterate our number one objective with Tech Tips (and when you call us): to empower your practice with basic maintenance, installation, and repair knowledge, so that you’re not paying full-service distributors exorbitant fees on a regular basis. While taking the time to familiarize yourself with your equipment will [...]
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Tech Tips #68: Is your Cavitron™ dry?

The importance of routine maintenance with your ultrasonic scaler. Are you having trouble getting water out of your ultrasonic scaler? Clogging is a frequent problem with ultrasonic scalers. We hear complaints of no or low water flow almost every day. Ultrasonic scalers use a lot of water, but also generate a lot of heat, especially magnetostrictive [...]
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Tech Tips #67: Syringe Tips 101

Air water syringe tips are one of the most common products dentists and hygienists use in dental offices. So let’s get to know more about the differences between syringe tips and which ones will work best for your practice. The basic design of the standard air water syringe tip has remained unchanged for decades.  The air [...]
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Tech Tips #66: Can’t Hold a Bur?

A dentist’s handpiece is one of the ultimate tools in his dental office. Making sure it runs smoothly is very important. The primary function of a handpiece is to provide power for rotary instruments, i.e. burs. If your handpiece won’t hold the bur, or won’t release the bur (so you can’t change burs) it effectively ceases [...]
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Tech-Tips #65: Maintain Your Handpiece

Maintaining your handpieces can often be overlooked. Hot gears from lack of oil and flattened bearings from overuse can easily be avoided. Dentists rely on high-performance handpieces to provide the best quality care to their patients. Even the best equipment can malfunction due to the lack of proper care, so American Dental Accessories is here [...]
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Tech Tips #64: Asdex AS-9 Amalgam Separator Installation

The American Dental Association has listed amalgam separators as a component of their BMP’s (best management practices) for handling of amalgam waste for many years. Many areas (cities, counties, and some states) now also require the installation of amalgam separators in dental offices. We have devised a cost-effective and easy-to-maintain system that can be installed [...]
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Tech Tips #63: What’s Up With Chucks?

What to look for in your next handpiece purchase: There are a wide variety of high-speed handpieces on the market today. There are a host of features and benefits to various makes and models, but one of the most basic decisions a practitioner must make when choosing a handpiece is what type of chucking mechanism to [...]
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Tech Tips #62: Star 430 Push Button Turbine Installation- Video

Install your Star 430 push button turbine in minutes! Watch this video to see just how easy it can be. For more handpiece installation information, see our Dental Handpiece Turbine Installation video. Can’t see the video? You can also view this video on Youtube.
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Tech Tips #61: Foot Controls (not just to drive your handpiece).

The foot control or, more properly, rheostat is a key component to your delivery system. Air passes through the foot control when you step on it to drive your handpieces, but this is not all a foot control does. All foot controls will have one main large (1/4” o.d.) line that feeds air into the foot [...]
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