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  • FDA Drug Safety Alert: Name Confusion Between Brintellix & Brilinta

    The FDA has issued a warning for health care professionals and patients that confusion between Brintellix (vortioxetine) and Brilinta (ticagrelor) have resulted in the wrong medication being prescribed or dispensed to patients.

    One of the drugs, Brintellix, is used for treating major depressive disorder (MDD) in adults and it is a part of an antidepressant called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). The other drug, Brilinta, is used as an anti-platelet, anti-blood clotting medication that lowers the risk of a secondary heart attack or from dying from a heart problem after having severe chest pain or a heart attack.

    Health care professionals suggest including the generic (established) name, the brand name, & the indication for use on the medication to clarify the differences and to lessen the confusion between the two. Patients taking the drugs should check the prescriptions to make sure they have the correct meds.

    All parties involved should report adverse events or side effects related to the medication to the FDA's MedWatch Safety Information & Adverse Event Reporting Program:
    - Complete & submit the report online at
    - Download form or call 1.800.332.1088 to request a reporting form, then complete & return to the address on the pre-addressed form, or submit by fax to 1.800.FDA.0178.

    To see the full post go here.

  • FDA Issues Communication Regarding Recall of Neonatal & Pediatric Tracheostomy Tubes

    A recall has been issued for Medtronic Shiley Neonatal and Pediatric Tracheostomy Tubes.

    Tracheostomy patients whose tubes were switched from a previous Shiley tracheostomy tubes to the newer model tubes have experienced airway obstruction, because of the potential differences in the angle of the newer tubes from that of the older tubes.

    There have been twelve reports of serious injuries reported to the FDA, but no deaths.

    Health care providers and facilities are urged to immediately stop using the tubes and use alternatives instead.

  • American Dental Accessories Speaks at Toronto Equipment Maintenance CE

    On April 28th, the Toronto East Dental Society (TEDS) hosted an evening CE on dental equipment repair and maintenance. Topics addressed included maintenance of compressors, central vacuum, handpieces, ultrasonic scalers and amalgam separators. Additionally addressed were common causes of unit malfunction as well as air and water line maintenance.

    There was a panel of 5 speakers to field questions from participants. Rick Zieska, our own “Techguru” was on the panel and addressed delivery systems and fielded a host of questions on all topics. We greatly appreciate the generosity of TEDS in bringing Rick to this event and granting him the opportunity to speak to dentists from the Toronto area. In particular, we’d like to thank Dr. Galina Mayer for organizing the event and TEDS president, Dr. Shervin Abbaszadeh for his support.

    There was an extensive question and answer period after each topic was addressed and answering questions occupied a significant portion of the allotted time. TEDS members were afforded a unique opportunity to receive expert advice on a variety of topics and concerns.

    In particular, TEDS members learned the importance of maintaining filters and how to check them. Familiarity with mechanical room equipment was enhanced and concerns over local regulations were also addressed. Regulations covering amalgam separators were discussed, as were the details one needs to keep in mind when choosing an amalgam separator. Other topics included routine handpiece maintenance and standard best practices to keep handpieces running well. Rick discussed the basics of dental equipment pneumaticsjunction box components, as well as fielded questions on all topics presented.

    We were honored to present at the TEDS CE and enjoyed visiting with Toronto area dentists.