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  • Polaroid's Keren HD Digital Sensors have arrived at American Dental

    With a name like Polaroid, there is no need to introduce them, but we are too excited not to share their new dental imaging product line: the Keren HD Intraoral Sensors!


    Keren HD sensors are available in size #1 and size #2. They are designed for comfort with a slim profile. You'll achieve superior image quality with a resolution of 25 lp/mm and CMOS sensor technology.

    Here is the best part! Don't have imaging software? Don't worry! This cost-effective package comes with Polaroid's own software at no additional cost. Polaroid will assist you in seamlessly bridging your favorite Practice Management Software (PMS) via a free remote installation. The TrollByte Kimera positioning system tops things off for a complete sensor package that will have everything you need for high-quality x-ray images!

    Perhaps you need a new intra oral camera to go with your new sensors. Polaroid has that covered too (see #82-400).

    For more information, please speak with one of our friendly equipment specialists at 1-800-331-7993.

  • American Dental SmartSmile 10% Off Special!

    In honor of World Oral Health Day (March 20th), we would like to offer our loyal customers 10% off all SmartSmile products all this week (March 21st to March 25th, 2016). This is a great time to stock up on patient's favorites.


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    To receive this special, you must call us and use the code "SM-1." Our friendly representatives can't wait to hear from you!

  • Not to Toot Our Own Horn...

    Did you know, even though you can connect with a company through smart phone apps, email, website chat systems, and social media, speaking with an actual person still “rules the day” as it applies to customer service?

    In fact, companies should take a tip from the car rental industry. Apparently, Enterprise served more than 6 million airport customers in the U.S. last year and 90 percent of those customers preferred to speak directly with an agent, rather than use any other form of communication, as it was a more “meaningful” interaction for them.

    Not to toot our own horn, but we have been doing this at American Dental Accessories since 1985! Even though we service tens of thousands of dentists in the USA, Canada, and internationally, we promise you will always get a real person every time you call 1-800-331-7993 (during our business hours) and there will be no complicated phone menus to navigate. Our customers often comment: “I can’t believe someone actually picked up.” That is music to our ears!

    Customer service over social media, online chat, and email are growing more and more. We are right there with you, if you prefer those modes of communication. Feel free to contact us via Twitter, Facebook, email, or our embedded chat with any questions or concerns.

    Whether you need help placing an order or need immediate technical support, we are here for you!