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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Tech Tips #22: Highspeed Handpiece Design

Highspeed Handpiece Design You use your handpiece every day. It’s one of the most important pieces of equipment in the dental office, but how does it work? As you probably know, a typical highspeed handpiece uses air to rotate a cutting bur at about 350,000 rpm’s. These instruments are among the fastest spinning turbines in the world. Midwest, [...]
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Increasing Dental Practice Profit Through Sales or Cost Cutting?

In 2009 alone, Americans spent $10.5 billion on cosmetic solutions, so it’s no wonder why dental offices have moved to tap into this market.  Nonetheless, There is a blurry line between offering cosmetic solutions and routine check-ups. The Washington Post reports that many patients are not responding well to smile makeover pressure during visits, and [...]
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Link found between treating gum disease and diabetes

The BBC reports that dentists might be able to play an integral role in helping to control blood sugar levels by treating gum disease.  Edinburgh University scientists believe that the bacteria in the mouth, which increases inflammation, may inhibit insulin effectiveness, thereby increasing blood sugar levels. Since over 24mm people (and growing) in the US have [...]
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Smart Smile Toothbrushes and Floss

American Dental Accessories is proud to now offer SmartSmile Toothbrushes and floss — we’ve looked around at our competitors and no one offers quality toothbrushes at these prices.  Please keep checking for patient giveaway additions to our product line. As always, please let us know if we can help your practice in any additional ways.
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