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  • Quick Tip Tuesday #98: Dental Cross Over in Delivery Units

    Even with the best of intentions and regular maintenance on your dental units, things  happen so it's good to keep aware. One problem we often encounter is air and water cross-over. This is what we had to tell this dental professional:

    Practice Tips Mentioned: #50 & #51.

    Now that you have found the leaky culprit, repairing the components are easy enough to do on your own. We have a variety of o-rings and other delivery system replacement parts to choose from. If you don't see a part on our website, American Dental would happily help you locate one.

    See more free technical support in previous Practice Tip issues here.

  • Quick Tip Tuesday #97: Handpiece Maintenance

    To keep a dental office up and running, implementing proper cleaning and sterilization techniques is crucial. American Dental stresses the importance of having a schedule that dentists, hygienists, and other office personal can easily perform in timely increments (ie: daily, weekly, etc). When it comes to regular maintenance of handpieces and their components, we have this to say:

    In order of reference, Practice Tips #: 34, 80, 9, 45, 62, 65, & 66.

    Our hope is that you can figure out a good routine that works for your office. It is a process and could take some time to see what is right for your dental office. As always, let us know if you have any further questions. Make sure to use the above free technical resources. There is even a helpful printout to help get your routine started.

  • Quick Tip Tuesday #96: Dental Vacuum

    Before purchasing, figuring out the specific type of equipment you need for your dentist office can be tricky. Whether it is determining which amalgam separator you need or how many handpiece holders your delivery system needs, there is a way to figure it out and we can help. This dentist asked us this about their dental vac systems:

    Above is a formula for determining the amount of "users" for a vacuum. For example, if you have one HVE, one SE, and a nitrous system, you would need a three user system. We have more vacuum tips like this on our technical Q & A page.